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Click a property pin to see a preview, then click More Detail for additional information.

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Properties added to favorites on www.vaneatonromero.com will only display here if they have associated mapping information.

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The map's center indicates the area you'd like to search. How far from the center should we look?

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Would you like to limit which properties are shown to you by their attributes?

Please select a property type to determine which criteria can be used to filter your results.

Click the criteria that are important in your desired property, then slide the handle to choose its value.

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Choose the method you'd like to use to navigate the map:


Map Legend
Blue Map Pin Residential Property
Green Map Pin Land
Yellow Map Pin Income Property
Red Map Pin Commercial Property
Click these pins to display an information window that has a brief overview of the property. From here, you can click the More Detail button inside to see full property information as well as VERtual Tours and Street View panoramas when available.
Pin Cluster Marker Listing Hot Spot: This marker represents the number of properties in the nearby area which are so close together on the map they cannot be distinguished with individual pins. Clicking this marker will show a paged information window with all the properties represented by the pin.

How to Use This Tool

To use Van Eaton & Romero's Location-Centric Search, simply position the map over the area you'd like to browse for listings and then click the "Show Me!" button in the lower left hand corner of the map to retrieve listings in that area. It's just that easy! You may click a pin on the map or choose a property from the "List View" tab on the right hand side to see more details about that property.

Toolbar Buttons

Jump To Button

This button launches the Jump To dialog which can speed up your navigation around the map. You may reposition the map using the following categories by clicking on their title bar in the dialog:

Jump directly to the center of a city where Van Eaton & Romero's Location-Centric Search has listings available.
Nearby Neighborhood
Jump to any of the neighborhoods near where you last clicked the "Show Me!" button to refresh listings in the area.
Type in a full address to center the map on that address.
MLS Number
If you already know the MLS of a property, use this feature to center the map on that property and display its details.

Filters Button

This button launches the Filters dialog which allows you to tell us what you want. The properties shown on the map will be limited only to those that match the criteria you have set in the Filters dialog. Once you have set the criteria you want, click the "Apply" button, or click "Cancel" to undo any changes you have made. The "Show Me!" button will appear in the lower left corner of the map. You may click this to see if there are any new properties in the area that meet the criteria you've just set. Each part of the Filters dialog is used as follows:

Use Filters
This On/Off switch lets you decide if you wish to place any limitations on which properties will be shown. BE AWARE that turning off filters will retrieve all residential, land, income, and commercial properties in the area and will likely causes slower loading times each time you choose "Show Me!"
Property Class
Tell us if you want to view residential, land, income, or commercial properties.
Filter By
Use these On/Off switches to tell us which attributes are part of your criteria. For instance, if it's important to you that a property have a certain number of bedrooms, slide the Bedrooms switch to the On position. This will activate an area in the Values box that you can use to specify what you're looking for.
This area contains sliders that you can position to tell us the specific limits you'd like to place on which properties are displayed. Following from the previous example, if you turned the Bedrooms switch to On, you can move the slider to the "4" position and choose "exactly" from the drop down menu next to it to show only properties which have exactly four bedrooms.

Right Hand Pane

The pane to the right of the map provides information about various properties as follows:

This tab contains a list of all the properties near the location on the map where you last downloaded listings by clicking the "Show Me!" button in the lower left. Clicking a property here will automatically bring up more information about it in the Details tab and center the map on that property.
This tab provides a small photo album and detailed information about the last property you clicked on from a map pin or the Listings tab. Clicking on a photograph in the album will bring up the full screen view of that property's photo album.
This tab contains a list of properties that you have marked as your favorites. It functions in the same way as the Listings tab.
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